AWS Cloud Projects

I want to get more hands on experience in the cloud and in doing so build some cool AWS Cloud Projects. Fundamental AWS Services I want to focus on are Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Route 53, Amazon API Gateway (these are common/core building blocks for larger projects)

I’ve had a play with several AWS Services and the key thing I remember is many of their services abstract away architecture to make it easier for engineers, this is helpful if you dont care and just want the project to work but I want to understand the abstractions, this I feel will give greater apprecation and understanding of them. An example is AWS Elastic Beanstalk, this will help handle deployments for you by creating the VPC and Subnets (underlying network layer)

I feel its good to understand Solutions/Cloud Architecture career avenues which will help my current carreer as a Software Engineer so while looking at these cloud projects Im keeping in mind what these Architects actually do in their roles.

  • Solutions Architect
    • Help customers on their cloud journey, high level recommendations, architecture review & customer enablement
  • Cloud Architect
    • Deliver projects for customers, build solutions for customers, coding & working with AWS services

While researching these roles I found a really helpful video by Tech With Lucy where she spoke about hands on projects and the resources to get started. Some of the technology I already understand and have actually used while some left me going down a Google rabbit hole 🤞

I included the projects Lucy spoke about and

⭐ Projects ⭐

Deploy a WordPress Website on AWS

This will deploy a hosted and highly-available Wordpress application using EC2, RDS, Route 53, ASG and VPC.

Some key AWS services:

VPC (Public & Private subnets)
ASG (Security Group)
EC2 (Compute capacity)
RDS (Relational Database Service)
EFS (Elastic File System)

Serverless Web Application on AWS

A serverless architecture is a way to build and run applications without having to manage infastructure. (Engineers who dont care about provisioning, scaling or maintaining servers)

Some key AWS services:

AWS Lamda (serverless, event-driven compute service)
API Gateway
AWS Amplify (Hosts the website)
AWS Cognito (User pool to manage user accounts)

Containerized Application in Kubernetes using message queues

Simple worker that polls a queue and performs a task based on the cloud event.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Amazon Connect Call Center on AWS

This is a way for companys to build a personalized experience for their customers. Its a customer service/call center work flow.

Some key AWS services:

Amazon Connect (Cloud contact center service)
Amazon Next (Conversational interfaces for applications using voice and text)

Ruled Out

These are AWS Technologies I considered but ruled out as they either offer too many abstractions (no always a bad thing) or I’ve already had a hoon and want to play with new toys.