Design Patterns

Updated 18/09/2023

I have put these into groups cloud design patterns, code design patterns and other patterns

Cloud Design Patterns

Code Design Patterns

Based on the Gang of Four Authors, Code Design patterns can typically be grouped into categories.

Categories Creational, Structural and Behavioral are sometimes referred to as Gamma Categorization which was named after Erich Gamma, one of the Gang of Four Authors. I found the Udemy Course by Dmitri Nesteruk hugely helpful in understanding these and other patterns.

Creational Patterns

Deal with the creation (construction) of objects either explicit (constructor) or implicit (Dependency Injection, reflection ect). Some are wholesale (single statement) and others are piecewise (step by step)

Structural Patterns

Concerned with the structure (IE: class members). Many are wrappers that mimic the underlying class interface. They generally stress the importance of good API design.

Other Structural Patterns

Behavioral Patterns

All different and don’t really follow a theme but there is some overlap. Most are generally unique in their approach solving a particular problem. It could however be said that Behavioral patterns define manners of communication between classes and objects.


Other Patterns

These are patterns that I dont know enough about to pop into a category and probably dont have a working understanding of.