Autodesk Fusion 360


I decided to have a hoon with Fusion 360 following free tutorials from Terrance of RC CAD-2-VR, Im incredibly greatful to people like him who share their knowledge and passion.

How To Start Designing RC Airplanes in Fusion 360 Tutorial

Tutorial [Episode 1]


  • Z: up and down
  • X: lateral
  • Y: depth


  • INSERT -> Canvas -> Browse for image -> Select Face (this is the axis)
  • Expand the image, place at start of origin point
  • Repeat for all axis

To calibrate the canvas

  • Set unit of measure (top left under Document Settings, mm is the default)
  • Right click each canvase and select Calibrate
  • Select nose center (center top) and then select the very edge where the wing ends. Set this to half the wing span. EG: 1000mm /2 = 500mm
  • Calibrate help -

Part 1 | Airfoils [Episode 2]

Part 2 | Spars & Ribs [Episode 3]

Part 3 | Joints, Spar Caps & Wing Mount [Episode 4]

3D Model an Airplane Fuselage Nose [Episode 5]

3D Model Airplane Empennage “Tail” [Episode 6]

Longerons & Stringers [Episode 7]