CNC Machine Scratch Build (Wood Frame by Gokmen Altuntas)


Following on the CMC Machine post where I tried to understand the flow from Computer Aided Design (CAD) to Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and finally to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) I felt I was in a good space to look at scratch building a Machine. Although it is possible to purchase a kit, its a lot more expensive and I was inspired by Gökmen ALTUNTAŞ to build a CNC Machine with a wood frame.

These are some of the DIY Kits I looked at, the cost was just too high for my pocket!

Gokmen Altuntas CNC Machine Scratch Build

I thought a good place to start is watch and understand the two part Youtube series, then document the steps and finally cost it. At 600mm by 400mm working bed area I felt this is a pretty good first machine.

DIY CNC Router Part 1 // Building a Small CNC Router

DIY CNC Router Part 2 // Building a Small CNC Router

Building the machine

Trying to un-pack the videos into steps I can follow.

XYZ Axis - Cartesian Coordinate System

Base Frame / Y-Axis

The base frame is just a rectangle with the 12mm Linear Rail for the Y Axis.

CNC Machine base

Y-Axis lead screw mount


CNC Machine router bracket mount

CNC Machine with bed removed


Building up the gantry height

CNC Machine router bracket




Z-Axis Router Mount



CNC Machine with bed

Raw bed with keyhole/T-slot grooves

Sacrificial masonite wood

CNC Machine in action

CNC Machine in action

Shopping List

Details on each of these parts is in this post.

Group Details Link
Linear Guide Rail 2x 600mm SBR12 Linear Guide Rail
2x 400mm SBR12 Linear Guide Rail Ali Express
Rods 2x 12mm by 18cm rods
Coupling Bore x3 Aluminum Alloy 5x8 Ali Express
Linear Bearing 8x SBR12UU Ali Express
4x SCE12 ~ SCS10UU :(
Lead Screw & Nuts 1x 600mm T8 Lead Screw with lead 4mm
1x 400mm T8 Lead Screw with lead 4mm
1x 200mm T8 Lead Screw with lead 4mm Ali Express
x3 T8 Nut for lead screw with lead 4mm Ali Express
Bearings x3 698 zz bearing
Stepper Motors x3 NEMA 17 17HS4401
Ali Express
or x3 NEMA 17 High torque
Mounting Plate x2 NEMA 17 42-Series Ali Express
Drivers x3 L298N Stepper Motor Driver
Micro Controller Arduino Uno + 4pcs DRV8825 Stepper-Motor Driver + CNC Shield v3
Arduino Uno + 4pcs A4988 Stepper-Motor Driver + CNC Shield v3
Original 3018 CNC Control Board Ali Express