CNC Machine Scratch Build (IndyMill by Nikodem Bartnik)


I used this page as a helper guid for my own IndyMill build, for details on what makes up a CNC Machine look here.



While researching scratch built CNC machines I came across the IndyMill by Youtuber Nikodem Bartnik I was blown away by his passion for engineering and the content he uploads for free. Like many machines I’ve seen so far, his IndyMill has an alloy frame which looks amazing. A simple wooden frame will work just as well but I personally think alloy has that professional touch.

IndyMill Build

IndyMill - Open Source DIY CNC Machine #1 Parts

IndyMill - DIY CNC Machine #2 Assembly

Fixing IndyMill With Dremel CNC - Milling Aluminium With DIY CNC

GRBL Arduino Controller For IndyMill - IndyShield

IndyMill - Open Source DIY CNC Machine #3 Electronics

IndyMill #3.5 Welding the Table, Finishing Z Axis And Motor Test

IndyMill - Open Source DIY CNC Machine #4 Final Test!

DIY Telescopic Ball Screw Covers For A CNC Machine

Adding Limit Switches, Z Probe, Safety Switch And LEDs to IndyMill


These plates can be laser cut from 8mm Mild Steel or water cut from 8mm Aluminium 5083, I found these New Zealand company quotes very reasonable:

XYZ Axis - Cartesian Coordinate System

The X and Z axis supports

IndyMill Plates: XZ

The base and Y axis supports

IndyMill Plates: Base & Y

Shopping List

Group Details Link
Alloy Standard Extrusion 2x 20x80x600
2x 20x40x666
2x 20x40x600
Plates DXF Files Download