Building The IndyMill (Shopping List)

2023 is the year I build this machine! This is a space for me to keep track and potentially help other people! I bought Nikodem‘s build instructions and will follow them along with his videos. Often I cant remember the name of some part and just need a reference, additionally these parts are expensive so as I buy the parts the list below helps me keep track. Most of these parts from are generics but for a home (none commercial) project its fine.

XYZ Axis - Cartesian Coordinate System


Part Details
TB6600 stepper drivers
Default microstep value is 8
Nema23 stepper motors with 8mm shaft and a step angle of 1.8 degrees
500 Watt Spindle
Collets to change the size of the accepted bit
Powers supply for the spindle with potentiometer (controls rotation speed)
IndyShield – CNC Arduino Shield designed by Nikodem

3D Printed Parts

PLA at 40%, you can buy them from Nikodem at He also provided them as a free download if you want to print yourself

Part Details
6000 holder.stl
Ball screw block X axis flap.stl
Ball screw block X axis.stl
Ball screw block Y axis flap.stl
Ball screw block Y axis.stl
X axis nut holder.stl
Y axis nut holder left.stl & Y axis nut holder right.stl
Z axis bearing holder.stl
Z axis nut holder.stl


Part Details
Aluminium profiles (20×40x600,20×40x666,20×80x600mm)
Trapezoidal Lead Screw 220 mm (8mm lead)
I bought the 800mm and down to 220mm
Liner rail block MGN12H
The difference between MGN12C and MGN12H is the preload and size. MGN12C block is 27mm by 34.7mm with holes 15mm and 20mm appart. MGN12H block is 27mm by 45.4 so its wider and with holes 20mm by 20mm appart. MGN12H a better choice for applications where precision is critical, such as CNC machines. However, the MGN12H is also more expensive than the MGN12C. MGN12C is a good choice for applications where precision is not critical, such as 3D printers.
The more expensive Hiwin MGN12H blocks have a pre-load rating if Z0 (no preload at all)
Linear Rail MGN12 600mm
Linear Rail MGN12 650mm
Linear Rail MGN12 200mm


These plates can be laser cut from 8mm Mild Steel or water cut from 8mm Aluminium 5083 however I went with steel for rigidity and I think the weight will be helpful.

You can buy the plates from Nikodem at or you can have them cut in your own country by downloading the the files and sending them to a cutting workshop

The X and Z axis supports:

Part Details
Z Axis Motor Support. Size 78.14 x 124.97
X Axis. Size 120.00 x 200.00
Z Axis Rail Support 1 and 2. Size 12.00 x 200.00
500W Spindle Plate Z Axis. Size 135.00 x 86.00

The base and Y axis support:

Part Details
Screw Support Left and Right. Size 100.00 x 60.00
Y Axis Left and Right. Size 165.98 x 201.60
Motor Support Left and Right. Size 100.00 x 60.00

I found these New Zealand company quotes very reasonable: