There are two kinds of bias we can have when dealing with people, whether its an interview or a general conversion.

Conscious bias, also known as explicit bias is when you are aware you have the bias for or against somebody but dont do anything about it. This is very destructive behavior.

Unconscious bias is harder to understand as it can stem from up-bringing or general ignorance.

How can I mitigate bias

  • Acknowledge any bias you may have
  • Dont ignore red flags

Bias Groups

Gender Bias

This can be when some certain traits like being confident or assertive are seen in a negative light in one gender, and positive in another. This is total contradiction.

Affinity Bias

This is the tendency to have bias / get a long with other peole who are more like yourself. In an interview this could be bias towards somebody that went to the same school as you.

Confirmation Bias

Occurs when we make a decision about something, then actively look for information that supports that decision, while also overlooking any opposing facts and viewpoints.


This is putting somebody in a box based on the actions or behavior of others.

Example: All South African's chase lions in the street on the way to work. - I lived in SA for over 3 decades, not once did I chase a lion.

Ethnicity and race

This is discrimination based on ethnic group or groups a person identifies with or their race. It is in my opinion one of the most destructive bias anybody can have.


Occurs when an individual’s exposure to a certain stimulus influences their response to a subsequent stimulus.