Building Docker Images

Hosted on

  1. Create an account at
    1. Create a repository at
    2. Link to GitHub
    3. Ensure you select a build rule on a branch, normally master
    4. Dockerfile is required -
  2. This then builds to
  3. The image can then be pulled from to build as a local container
docker pull carlpaton/vulnuscloud

Hosted locally

This will still use official base images but the built image that holds your source code is local.

  1. Build your application that will run as a container
  2. Example vodacom messaging xml2sms
  3. Setup the docker environment
  4. Publish the code locally and zip to a compressed file
    1. Copy to the host
    2. Extract the compressed file
  5. Create your Dockerfile
    1. Example Dockerfile
  6. Create a shell script to build the image & spin up the container
    1. Example script

Push To AWS Elastic Container Registry

You can push local images to a remote ECR