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62in / 1574mm Original Das Ugly

62in / 1574mm Original Das Ugly -

Im not really sure if the original (Phil Kraft 1966) was a 40 or a 60, In my opinion its a 60 but who knows :D

66in / 1680mm Drastik 60

I sold my ARF before getting a chance to build it. The over sized wing and fuselage was awesome.


  • 1680 mm TE length
  • 1530 mm LE length
  • 400 mm LE Tip to TE tip


  • F1 to the end of the fuse (excluding rudder) 1175 mm
  • F1 to end of the rudder 1440 mm
  • F1 height 105 mm

Drastik 60

These are some snaps of the same model that was for sale on a marketplace, helpful to gauge size.

Drastik 60
Drastik 60
Drastik 60

60in / 1524mm H9 Ultra Stick 10cc ARF

Specification Description
Trim Scheme Colors White (HANU870), Flourescent Red (HANU890), Black (HANU874)
Spinner Size 2.25” ( 57mm)
Wing Area 810 sq inches
Wingspan 60” (1524mm)
Electric 14.8V 4000mAh 30C 4S LiPo (Recommended) with Power 52 Motor
Prop 12x6 -> 14x8.5
After market wheels Du-Bro 500Rv 5 Dia/Big Wheels

h9 60 arf

h9 60 arf