Spaghetti Mince

Spaghetti Mince

Cooking time : Mince about 20 minutes, spaghetti about 25.


  • Onions (2 medium)
  • Mushrooms (half punnet)
  • Carrots (2 large)
  • Croquettes (Cucumber looking things, 3 or 4 of)
  • Spaghetti (about half the box, we like the vegan one)
  • Tim tomatoes (1)
  • Chicken stock cube (1)
  • Milk (half cup)


  • Chop onions, mushrooms
  • Peel and grate carrots
  • Fry the onions and once they transulsant add the mince and brown that.
  • Add some spices to taste
  • Add the carrots and croquettes. And let cook for 2 min add a can of tin tomatoes
  • Add the chicken stock cube to a coffee cup with hot water and let it melt. Then add that to the mixture.
  • Pour half a cup of milk in and let it cook down.
  • Add more spices and some tomatoe paste with a teaspoon of sugar to taste (it may need more sugar)
  • Boil spaghetti with water and salt