Mini Ultra Stick

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38in / 980mm Span

E-Flight used to make these, I rebuilt one and over powered it with a park 480 and a 40 amp esc.


  • Park 450, 2200 3S, 10x7e prop
  • Overall Length: 34 in (865mm)
  • Flying Weight: 710g

Landing Gear

  • 25mm deep at fuselage connection tapering down to approx 15mm
  • 165mm long on each arm

Pictures shared with me in Balsa Model Aircraft Builders Association

Mini Ultra Landing Gear
Mini Ultra Landing Gear
Mini Ultra Landing Gear


  • Span: 38.75 in (985mm)
  • Area: 325 sq in (21 sq dm)
  • Estimated height TE to LE: (325 / 38.17 = 8.38 in) => 212mm (includes ailerons)
  • Ailerons throw 15mm Up/Down Low Rate, 19mm High Rate


  • Elevator throw 18mm Up/Down Low Rate, 23mm High Rate
  • Rudder throw 23mm Right/Left Low Rate, 32mm High Rate

Mini Ultra
Mini Ultra
Mini Ultra

36in / 914mm Span


  • .19

36in / 914mm Span -